Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines take a lot of abuse. They have a lot of parts and components that come in contact with water and water can be a very destructive substance. This is why washing machines are the most serviced appliance and the ones that are the most likely to break down.

They are not an appliance that is going throw off the normal routines of a household, but it is going to become a major problem when the piles of dirty laundry start to take over the house. If this ever happens in your house, Chad’s Appliance Repair in Arlington can get you back to doing your laundry in no time. Years of experience allow our technicians to come into your home and tackle the problem in no time.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong, no matter what type or brand of washing machine you have. Loud noises, not turning on, not filling up, whatever it is, we can handle it.

Why The Washing Machine Broke Down

All of the parts and components of a washing machine work together to get your clothes clean. When one of these components breaks or malfunctions, it can cause other things to break or malfunction in the process. This interconnectedness makes washing machines a very difficult appliance to repair.

The complexity of washing machines makes do-it-yourself repairs a very bad idea. When you do not have the experience and training like our technicians at Chad’s Appliance Repair, you could end up breaking more than you fix. In an attempt to save money by doing it yourself, you end up having to spend more money fixing the damage that you did and repair the original issue that sparked the do-it-yourself attempt.

Our professionals will not only save you money on repairs, but they can get your washing machine working as good as new. This is going to allow your washing machine to run optimally which will restore the energy efficiency that the machine was built to have.

Common Washing Machine Issues

It’s Leaking Water

The first suspect in this problem is a cracked or broken hose. There is plenty of hosing that can break and can cause water to leak all over the floor. If the hoses are good, it is possible that the water pump may have broken as well. It is also possible that the water inlet valve is broken or malfunctioning. Also, any of the fittings or connectors that have worn out or broken can cause water to leak as well.

It’s Making Unusual Noises

There are quite a few different parts that can cause this to happen. The drive belt or drive motor, the pump or pump motor, or the shock absorbers can all be a cause of loud, rumbling noises coming from your washing machine. Also, the impeller or the impeller motor can also be the cause of this problem as well.

It’s Not Spinning

The first thing that needs to be inspected is the door switch. When the washing machine door is shut, it tells the machine that it is time to turn on and run its cycle. If it is broken or malfunctioning, the door lock assembly will need to be replaced.

If the door switch is good and the machine is turning on, filling, and draining the way that it should, this problem is likely being caused by a bad direct drive motor coupling. This part differs from brand to brand and it will need to be replaced.

When To Consider A Replacement

Once your washing machine hits about 10 years in age, it is going to start to break down and require more and more servicing. Call the experts at Chad’s Appliance Repair in Arlington so that we can help you find the right one for you.