Dryer Repair

The clothes dryer has been around since 1970 and it is definitely an appliance that makes life easier and more convenient. Let’s face it, going to the laundromat or hanging clothes to dry on a clothesline doesn’t sound like fun to anyone. Because of this, a dryer is something that a household can’t live without.

Chad’s Appliance Repair is the top appliance repair company in the Arlington, TX area. When something goes wrong with your dryer, whether it is gas or electric model, give us a call. We can have one of our experienced repair technicians out to your home on the same day that you called us.

Why The Dryer Isn’t Working

Though it may seem like a simple process of heat and tumble, there are a lot of working parts that drive your dryer. One of these many parts can malfunction or break altogether and this will throw off the entire process. There are also different causes for different problems depending on whether the dryer is gas or electric. This makes it necessary to call in a professional to diagnose and address the problem.

A live voltage test is often required to address issues with your dryer. This can be dangerous if it is carried out by someone without the proper training or experience. Dryer repair should really be left to the pros.

Common Dryer Issues

Dryer Isn’t Heating Up

There are quite a few reasons as to why a dryer isn’t heating up. The first thing that you can try is to vacuum out the air duct because a lack of airflow can cause this. If it is still not working, you are going to want to call in one of Chad’s technicians because the problem may be more complex. It could be that the thermal fuse may have been tripped and this will not allow the dryer to heat up.

If these are not the problem, it could be the heating element, the timer, thermostat, or the temperature switch may need to be replaced.

Dryer Won’t Turn On

Before thinking the worst, you should check to make sure that the machine is still plugged in and that the fuse that the dryer is on hasn’t been tripped in your home’s fuse box. Once these things have been checked, you will want to call in a professional. This is a problem that is going to be tied to a disruption of power to the machine. This is going to require a live voltage test, and this should be only be done by experienced professionals.

This particular problem be caused by broken or frayed wires, broken switches, or a malfunctioning outlet. It is also possible that the terminal block or the thermostat is broken. This can be a much more complicated problem than most would think.

Dryer Making Loud Noises

When your dryer is making some type of loud noise like a hum or a high pitched shrill, it is likely to be because something has become worn out over time and use. Things like the blower wheel, drum support roller, the main belt, or the glides on the end of the drum can cause loud noises after they have become worn out.

When To Consider A Replacement

The general idea when thinking about whether or not it is time to replace your dryer is whether or not it is going to cost more to repair the machine than to just replace it. The average lifespan of most dryers is about 13 years. As dryers approach this age, they are going to require repairs and more frequent maintenance.

Our technicians are committed to making sure to educate our customers on the most economical decision for their dryer and their budgets. When something is going on with your dryer, call Chad’s Appliance Repair at (817) 533-4996 so we can get your dryer back in business.